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What’s New on Hulu in October 2023: A Sneak Peek

Now That the Leaves Have Changed…
As autumn has officially set in and air temperatures cool off, Hulu is gearing up to deliver viewers a rich selection of exciting content in October 2023 whether your taste runs toward dramas, comedies or stories… Let’s take a peek ahead as subscribers transition into this fall season and discover just what their subscription has in store!

What's New on Hulu in October 2023: A Sneak Peek

What’s New on Hulu in October 2023: A Sneak Peek

“The Great” Season 3 (October 5)

Fans eagerly anticipate this highly satirical, irreverent series which continues its tale of Catherine the Great as played by Elle Fanning are in for another riveting season of palace intrigue, humor and jaw-dropping moments!

2. “The Dropout: Season 2 (October 13)

Season two of “The Dropout” dives deeper into Elizabeth Holmes and Theranos’ rise and fall, played by Amanda Seyfried who reprises her role of Holmes. This captivating true-crime drama promises not to disappoint its audiences!

What's New on Hulu in October 2023: A Sneak Peek

3. “Nine Perfect Strangers” Season Finale (October 4)

Are You A Follower Of “Nine Perfect Strangers?” The Season Finale Will Arrive In October Fans have been riveted to “Nine Perfect Strangers”, featuring Nicole Kidman, Melissa McCarthy and other actors that has kept viewers on edge all season. The Season Finale Will Hit On October 4!

4. “Book of Love” (October 14)

Book of Love is an emotionally satisfying drama which tells the tale of an unconventional romance: after experiencing tragedy, an ingenue finds comfort from writing in her diary that helps heal him through grief and second chances. The film explores themes related to love, healing and second chances.

What's New on Hulu in October 2023: A Sneak Peek

5. Classic Halloween Movies

Hulu will help get the party going this Halloween by providing an excellent collection of classic and modern horror flicks to get into the Halloween spirit. From chilling thrillers to family-friendly scary flicks, Hulu offers something suitable for everyone this Halloween!

6. Hulu Originals and More

Hulu will continue releasing original series, documentaries and specials across genres to suit a range of viewing preferences – be they compelling narratives or lighthearted comedies! Hulu offers something for every genre.

As October unfolds, Hulu promises to deliver reliable entertainment streaming solutions. No matter if it be thrilling, amusing, or moving content – Hulu offers something for every taste – mark your calendars now for an amazing month filled with engaging stories and unforgettable memories on Hulu!

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