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Surface Laptop Go 3 vs. Surface Pro 7+: Is the New Version Worth It?

Surface Laptop Go 3 Vs Surface Pro 7+: Is It Worth Upgrading? Microsoft’s Surface lineup has long been the go-to choice for professionals, students and creatives in need of premium Windows devices. Popular choices in this lineup are the Surface Laptop Go and Pro 7+ models; with Microsoft releasing their third version (the Go 3) now comes time to assess whether upgrading over Pro 7+ was worth it; in this comparison we explore its key features, improvements, and considerations so you can determine which device best meets your needs!

Surface Laptop Go 3 vs. Surface Pro 7+

Surface Laptop Go 3 vs. Surface Pro 7+: Is the New Version Worth It?

Design and Form Factor Considerations

Surface Laptop Go 3: It features the classic clamshell design of its predecessors for slim, light and portable use. Equipped with an accurate trackpad and comfortable keyboard layout, making this laptop an excellent option for traditional computer setup.

Surface Pro 7+:

The Surface Pro 7+ is an all-in-one convertible device featuring detachable keyboard cover for convenience when using as either laptop or tablet, ideal for those seeking maximum versatility when it comes to their computing experience. It can even serve as both at once! This flexible device makes navigating digital life much simpler!

Performance and Processing Power

Surface Laptop Go 3: Featuring Intel Core i3, i5, and i7 processor options, the Surface Laptop Go 3 can meet a range of performance demands suited to daily tasks and productivity needs. It makes an excellent companion device.

Surface Pro 7+: mes The Surface Pro 7+ comes equipped with various Intel Core processors such as Core i3, i5, and i7 processors and may include Intel’s vPro technology for business users, offering exceptional performance that allows multitasking while being both fast and power efficient. It provides superior results.

Surface Laptop Go 3 has an exceptional PixelSense touchscreen display with exceptional color accuracy for document editing, web browsing and media consumption. This makes the laptop perfect for tasks such as document revision and media consumption.

Surface Laptop Go 3 vs. Surface Pro 7+

Surface Pro 7+: Whilst also featuring an impressive PixelSense display, and boasting its 2-in-1 form factor makes this tablet highly flexible in use cases such as digital art creation or note taking with its Surface Pen stylus.

Portability and Battery Life Surface Laptop Go 3: This small form factor and lightweight build makes the Surface Laptop Go 3 highly mobile for those on-the-go, providing users with enough battery power for full day’s usage.

Surface Pro 7+:

The Surface Pro 7+ is equally portable and boasts excellent battery life when used in tablet mode, making it the perfect companion for work or leisure on-the-go. Thanks to its detachable design, this laptop makes an excellent companion when traveling for both work and play!

Surface Laptop Go 3: At its heart lies an affordable yet high performance option in Microsoft’s Surface lineup – starting from an attractively affordable starting price point compared to Surface Pro 7+ models.

Surface Pro 7+: For businesses and users alike, the Surface Pro 7+ represents an elegant solution with exceptional versatility, performance, and business features. It is priced to reflect this.

Surface Laptop Go 3 vs. Surface Pro 7+


Both Surface Laptop Go 3 and Surface Pro 7+ offer unique benefits; your decision depends on your unique requirements and preferences. For example, those seeking traditional laptop design, portability and affordability will find that Surface Laptop Go 3 is ideal. Similarly suited are students and professionals needing reliable no-frills laptop for daily tasks such as school assignments.

On the other hand, Microsoft’s Surface Pro 7+ 2-in-1 device offers users who value adaptable computing experiences a choice between laptop and tablet computing experiences. Boasting powerful performance capabilities with high resolution display and pen input support. it is perfect for creative professionals, business users and anyone wanting adaptability in their computing experience.

At the core, your decision on whether the new Surface Laptop Go 3 should replace your Surface Pro 7+ depends entirely upon your computing needs and lifestyle. As part of making that assessment, consider factors like design preference, performance requirements and budget restrictions so as to select an option best suited to meet them.

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