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Play Xbox Game Pass’ Weirdest Game Before It Departs on September 30

Experience Something Strange: Take Advantage of Xbox Game Pass’ Oddest Title Before it Ends September 30
Xbox Game Pass has long been an oasis for gamers, providing access to an expansive library of titles covering every genre and style imaginable. Within that vast library are certain titles which stand out due to their sheer eccentricity; one such title will soon leave Xbox Game Pass’ catalog, making now an opportune moment to explore its peculiar universe and make memories before its removal on September 30. We will explore this peculiar game, explore what sets it apart, and encourage its final experience before its departure on this date. In this article we’ll highlight its special qualities before exploring all its eccentric aspects before its departure on September 30.

Play Xbox Game Pass' Weirdest Game Before It Departs on September 30

Play Xbox Game Pass’ Weirdest Game Before It Departs on September 30

Before we reveal its title, let’s set the scene and get you excited for this unexpected journey into an unknown land. Xbox Game Pass offers a diverse array of experiences from blockbusters to indies; but sometimes an experience comes along that defies categorization or expectation – this particular title stands as proof.

Xbox Game Pass Offers the Weirdest Titles on Our List

“What the Box?”

Is an interactive shooter game in which players take on the role of sentient cardboard boxes – yes, that’s correct – with various environments from offices to warehouses providing cover as they try and outwit other boxes before being eliminated themselves. Your aim: outwit them before they outwit you!

Play Xbox Game Pass' Weirdest Game Before It Departs on September 30

Why It Stands Out:

“What the Box?” stands out thanks to its absurd premise, hilarious gameplay, and unexpected depth. This engaging strategy game encourages creativity and strategy as players attempt to blend in with the environment to avoid detection before unleashing surprise attacks against unwary cardboard opponents – an enjoyable combination of stealth, chaos, and silliness that’s hard to come by elsewhere!

Are You Waiting until September 30 to Play “What the Box??”

Xbox Game Pass? Because its departure will soon arrive, “What the Box?” offers something unique that stands out. Here are several compelling arguments why now would be an excellent time to give this title a go:

Unconventional Fun: For an unconventional gaming experience that delivers endless giggles and smiles, “What the Box?” provides no shortage of surprises!

Multiplayer Madness: For an unforgettable game experience, round up some friends for a thrilling night of cardboard box shenanigans and share in its absurdities together!

Farewell to Quirky Games on Xbox Game Pass: When “What the Box?” on Xbox Game Pass comes along, don’t let its uniqueness pass you by; make its last moments memorable and bid it farewell with some memorable matches!


Xbox Game Pass offers a wealth of gaming experiences, and one of its stand-out titles, “What the Box?,” stands out among them with its quirky yet delightful charm. Now is an opportune moment to dive in before its disappearance on September 30.

Bring together some friends, embrace eccentricity and prepare to exclaim “What the Box?” when engaging in cardboard warfare battles! Don’t miss this unique gaming gem — celebrate its departure with laughter and camaraderie.

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