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Discover Netflix’s 50 Must-Watch Shows of September 2023

As Netflix expands their library of content, streaming enthusiasts turn to them as their go-to platform for TV entertainment. Now is an opportune moment to explore their best offerings; September is here so let us show you 50 must-see shows across various genres and interests that await discovery on this platform! In this article we present this selection.

The 50 best shows on Netflix in September 2023

Discover Netflix’s 50 Must-Watch Shows of September 2023

Drama Series

“Stranger Things” remains one of the most beloved sci-fi series ever created and remains beloved to audiences with its nostalgic charm and supernatural mysteries.

“The Crown” – Explore the rich and intriguing history of British monarchy with this critically acclaimed drama!

“Breaking Bad” – Watch as an engaging high school chemistry teacher transforms into an evil drug lord in this gripping crime drama series.

Discover the story of iconic drug cartels’ rise and fall through this captivating series called Narcos.

“The Witcher” – Join in an epic fantasy world filled with monsters, magic and destiny through this fantasy epic game!

Comedy Series

“Brooklyn Nine-Nine” Comedy Series Enjoy laughing out loud along with the antics of Brooklyn Nine-Nine detectives of the 99th precinct! Don’t miss this hilarious sitcom series.

“The Office” (US) – Come laugh along with Dunder Mifflin paper company as its misadventures unfold in this mockumentary-style comedy!

“Parks and Recreation” – Join the quirky employees of Pawnee’s Parks and Recreation department as they make life delightful for local residents in Pawnee.

“The Good Place” – Dive deep into the afterlife in this smart and entertaining comedy!

“BoJack Horseman” – Discover the dark, comedic world of an ageing actor disguised as an animal!

The 50 best shows on Netflix in September 2023

Sci-Fi and Fantasy Series

“Black Mirror”– Get ready to experience thought-provoking tales about technology’s influence on society!

“Altered Carbon” – Enter an immersive dystopian world where human consciousness can be transferred between bodies.

“Dark” – Explore time travel’s mysteries through German sci-fi series! “Dark” will take on this task head on.

“The Umbrella Academy” – Follow a dysfunctional family of superheroes as they work together to solve an intricate mystery.

“Locke & Key” – Discover the secrets of magical keys hidden away within an ominous house!

Crime and Thriller Series

“Mindhunter” – Join FBI agents as they interview imprisoned serial killers to solve ongoing cases.

“Ozark” – Experience the journey of an investment adviser into criminal enterprises through this nail-biting thriller.

“Money Heist” – Watch a group of thieves as they attempt to commit a heist at both the Royal Mint of Spain and Bank of Spain.

“Peaky Blinders” – Step into post-World War I Birmingham and witness the rise of the notorious Shelby criminal family.

“Sherlock” – Modern adaptations of Arthur Conan Doyle’s iconic detective stories.

Documentary and Reality Series

“Our Planet” – Explore the wonders of nature with this visually impressive documentary series presented by Sir David Attenborough narrated “Our Planet”.

“Making a Murderer”– Take an in-depth look into Steven Avery’s case in this captivating true crime documentary.

“Chef’s Table” – Dive into the world of culinary artistry with this visually arresting series!

“Queer Eye” – Watch as the Fab Five transform lives and spread positivity!

“Nailed It!” – Delight in hilarious baking failures as part of this hilarious reality competition series!

The 50 best shows on Netflix in September 2023

Anime Series

“Death Note” anime Series
Watch as high school student L struggles against an immortal notebook which contains deadly messages threatening anyone whose names appear within it.

“Attack on Titan” – Join humanity’s battle to survive against massive humanoid creatures!

“One Piece” – Prepare yourself for an epic journey as Monkey D. Luffy leads his crew of pirates on an exploration for the famed One Piece treasure!

“Neon Genesis Evangelion” – Relive this iconic mecha anime as you discover its intricate themes of identity and existence.

“My Hero Academia” – Join a young boy as they navigate a world in which individuals possess superpowers known as Quirks.

Foreign-Language Series

“Dark Desire” (Mexican) – An exciting drama which explores secrets, desires and suspense.

“Money Heist” (Spanish) – Witness an unforgettable and high-stakes drama led by Professor, as you experience captivating heists and high stakes drama!

“Kingdom” (Korean) – Experience an epic historical zombie thriller set during Korea’s Joseon period!

“Borgen” (Danish) – Delve into Danish politics through this gripping drama!

“Giri/Haji” (Japanese/English) – is an intoxicating crime thriller which explores London and Tokyo’s criminal underworld connections.

Family and Animation

“Cocomelon” Family and Animation
Delight young viewers with educational songs and adventures.

“Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous” – Join a group of teens as they fight to survive on an island filled with dinosaurs!

“Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts” – Follow Kipo as she travels through a post-apocalyptic landscape filled with mutant creatures in this animated feature film adaptation of Kipo’s adventures.

“Trollhunters” – Venture on an unforgettable adventure with Jim Lake Jr. as he becomes protector for both human and troll worlds!

“Masha and the Bear” – Join a lively little girl and her wise bear friend as they embark upon exciting adventures! Enjoy this charming animated series.

Classic Series

Visit Friends to revisit one of television’s timeless sitcoms about an ensemble of individuals living together in New York.

“The Twilight Zone” – Journey into an inexplicably surreal universe from this classic anthology series! Discover captivating stories that challenge and provoke thought.

“The X-Files” – Follow FBI agents Mulder and Scully as they investigate paranormal phenomena and government conspiracies.

“Cheers” – Step into an inviting neighborhood bar where everyone knows your name!

“The West Wing” – Experience the inner workings of the White House through this political drama series!

International Hits

“Money Heist” (La Casa de Papel) – A Spanish hit following the exploits of a group of thieves led by their mastermind robber.

“Sacred Games” (Indian) – An engaging Indian series which delves deep into issues surrounding crime, corruption, and spirituality.

“The Rain” (Danish) – Follow two brothers living in an after-apocalyptic world in which rainfall-borne virus has eradicated most of humanity.

“Dark” (German) – is a German sci-fi series which explores the complex nature of time travel.

“The Hookup Plan” (Plan Coeur), is a French romantic comedy series about one woman’s experience with dating.


This list offers something to satisfy every taste and mood imaginable – whether that is intense drama, comedic relief, thrilling mysteries or heartwarming family adventures, Netflix has something suitable for every viewer.

Never assume what’s available on Netflix is static: check regularly for new shows to watch as availability can change over time and vary based on region and time! Enjoy binge watching this September 2023; maybe you will discover your next favorite series among these amazing options!

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