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Level Up Your Heist: Best Skills to Research First in Payday 3

Payday 3 is an adrenaline-charged world where mastery of your skills is just as vital to completing successful heists as planning them is. Knowing which abilities should take priority as a budding criminal mastermind will have a lasting effect on gameplay and progression; here, we explore Payday 3 world and identify some essential research topics which could make you into more formidable and effective criminal mastermind. In this article, we’ll go deeper into its depths to help make yourself even better and successful criminal mastermind!

Level Up Your Heist: Best Skills to Research First in Payday 3

Level Up Your Heist: Best Skills to Research First in Payday 3

Payday 3 offers an abundance of skills that can enhance your abilities in various ways, with combat, stealth, support and other categories divided up to meet different playstyles. Skill research not only bolsters character abilities but can open up tactical options and strategic advantages that unlock additional heisting strategies; therefore it is key that the right ones be researched first in order to build your heisting career!

1. Mastermind Skills

To kick-off your skill journey, invest in Control Freak. This ability increases intimidation range and reduces alarm signals among civilians; making you even less likely to raise them during stealth missions or during heists.

Cable Guy: To quickly secure hostages in Payday 3, consider investing in Cable Guy as it speeds up cable tie interactions and quickly secures hostages for negotiations or leverage gains in critical moments. Hostages may play a vital role in Payday 3 negotiations with law enforcement as leverage in negotiations or when taking them at critical moments for negotiations with authorities.

Level Up Your Heist: Best Skills to Research First in Payday 3

2. Enforcer Skills

Shotgun Impact is an ideal skill choice as you progress further along the Enforcer tree, as it increases shotgun damage for more lethal and effective close quarter combat.

Transporter: Transporter is another indispensable skill for Enforcers, improving bag throw distance and making moving loot faster and more efficiently possible. Transporters come especially handy during heists where bags must be relocated quickly.

3. Technician Skills

Demolition Man: Within the Technician tree, Demolition Man stands out. It allows you to carry more trip mines that can be strategically used against an area denial strategy or used as traps by law enforcement forces.

Drill Sergeant: For anyone interested in drilling safes and vaults, Drill Sergeant offers invaluable time-saving advantages when drilling through locks; making your heists faster.

Level Up Your Heist: Best Skills to Research First in Payday 3

4. Ghost Skills Sprinter:

For Ghosts, Sprinter is an essential early choice that boosts sprint speed to help navigate heist locations quickly while dodging danger more effectively.

Fast Hands is another essential Ghost skill, speeding up interaction times when picking up items, bagging loot and deploying equipment – saving precious seconds during intense moments! This ability streamlines actions saving precious seconds during crucial situations.


Selecting the necessary skills first in Payday 3 is paramount to creating a successful heisting career. These abilities equip you with tools necessary for successfully navigating complex missions, controlling situations, and meeting challenges head-on. Over time and as skill points accumulate, more specialize your character to your preferred playstyle: whether that be mastermind negotiator, combat enforcer, tech technician or stealth ghost.

Skill sets in Payday 3 are central to becoming the ultimate heister. By researching which skills are essential for effective criminal activity, researching skills can not only increase gameplay experience but also your chance at pulling off successful heists that net the loot! So take time in choosing wisely which ones fit you, gather your crew together, and prepare to orchestrate a thrilling crime!

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