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How to Watch Meta Connect 2023 and Stay Tuned to Future Technology

Meta Platforms Inc hosts an annual event known as Meta Connect (formerly Facebook Connect), to showcase its most cutting-edge innovations across virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and other disruptive technologies. If you want to stay abreast of these advances and witness what lies in store for immersive tech in 2023 here’s how you can watch Meta Connect.

How to Watch Meta Connect 2023

How to Watch Meta Connect 2023 and Stay Tuned to Future Technology

1. Stay Informed of the Event

In order to properly watch Meta Connect 2023, it’s vital that you’re informed about its date, time and any relevant details. Here’s how:

Keep an eye out on Meta’s official website ( for announcements regarding Meta Connect 2023 – they usually offer detailed event info including date and time details.

Follow Meta’s official social media accounts – such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Here, important event updates may often be shared!

News Outlets: Technology news websites and blogs may cover this event with details about when, how, and why to watch. Bookmark your preferred tech news sources in order to stay up-to-date.

2. Livestream on Meta’s Website

Meta usually hosts its Meta Connect events livestreamed directly onto its official website – here’s how you can access it:

Visit Meta’s Official Website: On event day, navigate your web browser to Meta’s official website for easier navigation.

Find Your Livestream: Meta often highlights livestream events on its homepage or has dedicated pages just for them; look out for an “Watch Live” or similar button or banner when looking for live streams.

Start Watching: Simply click on a livestream link, and the video player should open. Live streaming should start automatically as soon as the event commences.

3. Social Media Platforms

Meta frequently streams the Meta Connect event live across various social media channels like Facebook and YouTube, so here’s how you can watch it:

Facebook: On the day of an event, visit Meta’s official Facebook page and watch through Facebook Live or access directly linked livestreaming feeds through Meta.

YouTube: Meta typically streams its events livestreamed to their official YouTube channel on event days. Simply visit Meta’s channel during event day to access livestream link – don’t forget to subscribe for updates as well!

How to Watch Meta Connect 2023

4. Virtual Reality (VR)

Experience For fans with access to Meta Quest VR headsets or similar VR devices, Meta often provides an exceptional VR experience when watching Meta Connect. Here’s how:

Meta Quest: If you own a Meta Quest headset, accessing an event through Oculus TV app should not be difficult – on event day simply search for Meta Connect livestream in Oculus TV app to be part of it all!

Meta can sometimes accommodate other VR headsets; keep an eye out for announcements regarding supported platforms and access the livestream through dedicated apps or compatible browsers.

5. Post-Event Coverage

Can’t make Meta Connect 2023 live? No worries; recordings will typically be posted shortly after completion on Meta’s official website and YouTube channel so you can watch all the exciting announcements and presentations whenever it suits.

Meta Connect is an essential event for anyone interested in the future of technology – VR/AR included! By following these steps you’ll ensure you remain up-to-date with Meta’s innovations and developments – making sure not to miss out on discovering what could become the next big thing!

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