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How to Reset Blink Cameras: A Step by Step Guide

Blink cameras are known for being easy and secure home security solutions, yet at times you may require reseting it for various purposes such as troubleshooting connectivity issues, reconfiguring your system or prepping it for resale. Resetting Blink cameras is a straightforward process which can be accomplished within just a few simple steps.

How to Reset Blink Cameras A Step-by-Step Guide

How to Reset Blink Cameras: A Step by Step Guide

In this guide, we’ll guide you through the process of resetting your Blink camera:

Before You Begin Prior to initiating the reset process, ensure you have everything ready. These may include:

Steps for Resetting Your Blink Camera To reset your Blink camera, take these steps:

Launch the Blink Home Monitor App: From your phone or tablet computer, launch the Blink app. Ensure you’re signed into your Blink camera’s associated account before beginning.

Choose Your Camera to Reset: In the app, locate and tap on the Blink camera you would like to reset in order to open its live view and make changes accordingly.

How to Reset Blink Cameras A Step-by-Step Guide

Access Camera Settings: From the live view screen, tap on the gear or settings icon to be taken directly to your camera settings page.

Scroll Down to Access Advanced Settings: Scroll all the way down the Settings Page until you come upon an “Advanced Settings” section.

Tap “Remove Camera”: Under “Advanced Settings,” there will be the option for “Remove Camera.” Simply touch it!

Confirm the Reset: Once removed from your camera, the app will prompt you to confirm its removal in order to avoid accidental resets and prevent accidental restarts of its own accord. Simply confirm your wish by tapping “Yes, Remove Camera.”

Wait For Your Camera To Reset: Blink cameras go through an automated reset process which is indicated by various LED light patterns on their cameras and typically takes between 1 – 2 minutes for completion.

Reconnect Your Camera (Optional): If you wish to repurpose the camera, reintroducing it into the Blink system requires heading back into your Blink app’s Home Screen, tapping “+”, adding your device, and following setup instructions.

How to Reset Blink Cameras A Step-by-Step Guide

Important Tips

Resetting a Blink camera will disconnect it from both its Blink account and Wi-Fi network; reconfiguration may be required if you intend on reusing it later.

Before beginning the reset process for your Blink camera, ensure it has enough battery power.

If you experience difficulties during the reset process or require further assistance, Blink offers official support resources as well as customer service to offer help and assist customers directly.

Resetting your Blink camera may be useful in solving connectivity issues or prepping for new setup. By following these steps, resetting will become effortless so as to maintain reliable home security system.

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