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How to Install Windows on the Steam Deck

Steam Deck by Valve was intended primarily to run SteamOS, an OS optimized for gaming on Linux-based operating systems like Ubuntu or Fedora, however if you wish to access more games and applications you might wish to install Windows instead – we are going to take you step-by-step through installing it here! In this guide. we’ll show how easy this installation process will be!

Install Windows on the Steam Deck

How to Install Windows on the Steam Deck

Before You Begin In order to begin the installation process, several essentials will be necessary:

An essential step when creating a bootable Windows USB drive is having access to both a Steam Deck device and computer or laptop.

Your USB Drive: For adequate data transfer and backup solutions, a 16GB+ capacity USB Drive should do.

Download an ISO of Windows 10 or 11: To create a bootable USB drive, download and use an official Windows ISO from Microsoft’s website. This file should serve as your guideline when formatting an external hard disk or memory stick with Boot Camp software.

An adapter between USB Type-C and Type-A may be needed in order to connect your USB drive with Steam Deck.

Follow these instructions to install Windows on your Steam Deck:

Prepare the USB Drive: By attaching your USB drive to your PC and formatting it with FAT32 file system. Instal a bootable tool like Rufus or BalenaEtcher for creating bootable drives on USB flash drives. Produce Bootable Flash Drives: During Step 4, create bootable USB flash drives by following these steps.

Rufus or BalenaEtcher should then recognize your USB drive that was previously prepared, then load Windows ISO file that you have previously downloaded, before starting process to make bootable USB drive which may take time to create bootable drive for Steam Deck BIOS access:, once powered down simply power off Steam Deck again to access BIOS Settings for steam Deck.

Install Windows on the Steam Deck

Pressing both Steam button and Power button at once to turn it on will bring up the Steam Deck BIOS. From here, navigate to “Boot” tab in BIOS; here change boot order so that it prioritizes USB drive over hard disk drive (this may take time); save these settings, exit BIOS then install Windows via the USB device plugged in as soon as it boots from it (and vice versa).

Follow the on-screen instructions to install Windows; your product key may need to be entered manually if not included within your BIOS. Install Steam: Once Windows is up-and-running, connect to the internet and download Steam client from official website; after which drivers should also be downloaded automatically from that point forward.

Visit the Steam Deck Support Page on Steam’s Website for optimal performance by downloading any necessary drivers to optimize performance, installing games and applications as easily as on a normal Windows PC, customizing settings as required and customizing options as necessary.

Configure Windows settings, customize your Steam Deck and arrange your gaming environment according to your preferred gaming scenario – then enjoy Windows Gaming:

How to Install Windows on the Steam Deck

Now you are all set! Your Steam Deck should now support Windows-based gaming! As before, be mindful that installing Windows on a Steam Deck could void its warranty or lead to potential compatibility issues with certain games and hardware features, so back up any important data before beginning this step and follow all instructions carefully for best results.

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