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How to Get Windows 11 for Free

How to Upgrade from Windows 10 for Free Microsoft recently unveiled Windows 11, their latest OS offering an elegant user experience as well as numerous upgrades and modifications that make life simpler for consumers. If you want to take the leap from earlier version to 11 without spending anything out-of-pocket, there are various methods you can take. In this article, we’ll look into these ways and demonstrate how Microsoft offers upgrade paths free of cost so that we can all take advantage of them and gain entry without spending extra on licensing costs or software license fees.

How to Get Windows 11 for Free

How to Get Windows 11 for Free

Before upgrading to Windows 11, it’s vital that your PC meets its system requirements. Windows 11 has more stringent hardware requirements compared with its predecessor – here are the primary prerequisites:

64-bit Processor with at least a 1GHz clock speed and two or more cores, 4GB RAM or greater memory and 64 GB of storage or greater are essential requirements, along with DirectX 12 compatible graphics or integrated GPU with WDDM 2.0 driver support, Secure Boot support in system firmware, etc.

A High Definition (720p), 8 bit per color channel display that measures greater than 9″ diagonally is required, along with Secure Boot capability in its firmware, TPM version 2.0, and an Internet connection to perform updates or take advantage of certain features; in order to upgrade free of charge to Windows 11.

Microsoft provides various methods of upgrading to Windows 11 free of charge if your PC meets certain requirements:

1. Windows Update:

Microsoft has begun offering Windows 11 free to eligible Windows 10 users through Windows Update, with some receiving an invitation to upgrade via this method. If your PC meets requirements and meets those for running it on its current OS version as a basis for eligibility for an update via this method.

Find Updates in Windows 10: If your system meets eligibility, navigate to “Settings” > “Windows Update” to search for available updates and upgrades – you should find notification offering free upgrade to Windows 11.

Follow these simple instructions to download and install Windows 11.

How to Get Windows 11 for Free

2. Media Creation Tool:

Microsoft offers its Media Creation Tool as a free way of upgrading to Windows 11 on any PC, creating installation media for it and upgrading at no charge.

Downloading the Tool: Head over to Microsoft’s official website and install their Windows 11 Media Creation Tool.

Launch the Tool: When launched, this tool will guide you through the upgrade process while verifying if your PC meets its minimum specifications.

Upgrade: Simply follow the on-screen instructions to upgrade to Windows 11.

3. ISO File:

For those more tech savvy, downloading Windows 11 ISO from Microsoft may provide another method with additional steps required for installation.

Download ISO: Visit Microsoft’s official website and obtain the Windows 11 ISO file.

Create Bootable Media: Use an ISO file to make bootable installation media such as USB drives or DVDs.

Install Windows 11: Boot your PC from the installation media and follow on-screen instructions to install Windows 11.


Reaching Windows 11 for free may be possible for PCs that meet system requirements, and Microsoft has made upgrading relatively painless for those eligible Windows 10 users who qualify via Windows Update, the Media Creation Tool or by downloading its ISO file. Make sure to back up important files prior to upgrading; follow all instructions closely so you can take full advantage of all its new features and improvements in Windows 11.

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