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Can My Apple Watch Get watchOS 10? Here’s Every Supported Model

Apple regularly releases updates of watchOS to add new features and enhancements for Apple Watch users, with each version adding support for new models that weren’t eligible before. If you’re wondering whether your older Apple Watch model qualifies, if so we have you covered: In this article we list every supported watch model running watchOS 10.

Can My Apple Watch Get watchOS 10 Here's Every Supported Model

Can My Apple Watch Get watchOS 10? Here’s Every Supported Model

WatchOS 10: What’s New? Before exploring all of the compatible Apple Watch models and features included with watchOS 10, let’s quickly review some of its most notable updates:

Improved Messaging: watchOS 10 introduced upgrades to the Messages app that allow users to easily view rich links, animated stickers and replacement emoji directly on their Apple Watch.

Scribble: With this handwriting recognition feature, users are able to respond directly to messages by drawing letters directly on their watch face.

Improved Activity: watchOS 10 enhanced its Activity app with new features, such as Activity sharing. Users are now able to share their workout progress with family and friends!

Breathe App: Breathe is an interactive breathing application which guides users through deep breathing exercises to reduce stress and promote relaxation.

Home App: With watchOS 10, the Home app enables users to manage all their HomeKit-enabled smart devices directly from their wrist using watchOS 10.

Can My Apple Watch Get watchOS 10 Here's Every Supported Model

Now let’s find out if your Apple Watch model qualifies for watchOS 10.

Apple Watch Models Supported for watchOS 10 According to our current knowledge, here is a list of Apple Watch models supported for watchOS 10.

Apple Watch (1st Generation): Apple has confirmed that their original Apple Watch, also referred to as Series 0, can receive watchOS 10 updates.

Apple Watch Series 1: Eligible for watchOS 10, Series 1 Apple Watches can benefit from all its new features and experience the full potential of watchOS 10.

Apple Watch Series 2: If you own an Apple Watch Series 2, congratulations: it too is compatible with watchOS 10.

Apple Watch Series 3: Equipped to run watchOS 10, the Series 3 can provide access to all the newest features available with this model.

Apple Watch Series 4: Now compatible with watchOS 10, experience all its new capabilities first-hand!

Apple Watch Series 5: If you own an Apple Watch Series 5, watchOS 10 is now available to update to and take advantage of new improvements.

Apple Watch Series 6: As one of the newest Apple Watch models available at watchOS 10’s release, its support is complete for this upgrade.

Apple Watch SE: Compatible with watchOS 10, the Apple Watch SE can also run watchOS 10.

Can My Apple Watch Get watchOS 10 Here's Every Supported Model

Apple software updates, including watchOS updates, are subject to periodic change and it’s vital that your Apple Watch stays current with any available software upgrades if you wish to benefit from new features and security enhancements. To see if it qualifies for watchOS 10, visit your iPhone paired with your Watch and visit its “Software Update” section within its Apple Watch App on that iPhone paired with it.

Keep in mind that older Apple Watch models may no longer receive updates as Apple continues to develop new versions of watchOS to align with newer hardware capabilities.

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