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A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Reset a Chromebook

Resetting Your Chromebook

A Chromebook can be an dependable and efficient device, but occasionally there may be times when resetting is necessary, whether for software issues, prepping it for sale, or returning it back to factory settings. In this step-by-step guide we’ll walk through how to reset both laptop and tablet versions of the OS.


Before You Begin:

Prior to initiating any reset on your Chromebook, it’s critical that any vital files, photos and documents be safely saved on an external storage device or cloud service like Google Drive – otherwise erasing all locally stored information may result.

Method 1 of Powerwash Reset (Recommended) Step 1 of Method 1: Sign Out of Google Account

To sign out, navigate to your system tray at the bottom-right corner, click your account icon, then “Sign Out.” When complete, close out of your Google account using its icon by using “File,” followed by clicking “Finish”. Step 3 of Method 1 (Powerwash Reset) / Resetting Your Google Account [recommended].

Step Two: Access Your Settings.

Steps To Access Powerwash Settings. When opening the “Settings,” Click on the gear-shaped icon for access to advanced settings and then Powerwash within Advanced section of Settings menu. Step 4: Begin the Powerwash Process

An information pop-up will explain what Powerwash does; click “Restart.” Your Chromebook will restart and enter Powerwash mode – this may take several minutes depending on its configuration. Step 5: Sign In Again

After Powerwash is completed successfully, your Chromebook should restart as though brand new! – sign back into it normally to complete Step 6.

Follow the on-screen setup instructions, such as signing in with your Google Account. Secondly, hard reset (Factory Reset). Step One of This Process Is Sign Out

A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Reset a Chromebook

Step 1: of the Powerwash Method requires signing out of Google account;

Step 2: involves performing a Hard Reset.

Step 3: Unlock Recovery Mode (circular arrow icon). Keep pressing and holding “Refresh”, while pressong Power Button simultaneously (Figure A-2).

Step 4: Enter Recovery Mode.

Once your Chromebook begins rebooting, release the Refresh key and it should display a screen with an exclamation mark for recovery mode. Step 4: Factory Reset

Follow the on-screen instructions to confirm a factory reset of your Chromebook, including powerwashing it to erase all data. Step 5: Sign In Again Once complete, your Chromebook will restart itself and you may sign back into it using its default login information.

Follow the on-screen setup instructions, including signing in with your Google account. Method 3: Resetting from Lock Screen

This solution may prove effective should you become locked out of your Chromebook and require help regaining entry.

A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Reset a Chromebook

Step One: Unlock Your Lock Screen

At the lock screen, press “Ctrl + Alt + Shift + R” simultaneously on your keyboard to initiate a reset.

Step 2: Confirm Reset

Once the Reset Confirmation screen has displayed, simply click “Restart” button for immediate reset action.

Step 3: Sign In Again

Your Chromebook will then restart, with on-screen setup instructions including signing in with Google.

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Rebooting your Chromebook can solve many issues and restore it back to its former condition, regardless of which reset method you prefer (Powerwash or hard reset from recovery mode), these steps will assist with successfully resetting it without losing data or files in the process. Always backup before performing a reset so as to prevent data loss during its completion.

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