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I’ve Discovered 11 Fresh Widgets for iOS 17 That Are a Must-Try

iOS 17 Introduces 11 Must-Try Widgets Each time Apple unveils a new iOS update is an exciting moment for iPhone users. Each time, new features and enhancements elevate user experiences further – the release of iOS 17 was no different, with Apple offering exciting improvements that elevate user experiences significantly. One area which saw major change was widgets; they provide handy information while customizing home screens – something iOS users have become accustomed to and now expect with every release. Introducing fresh widgets which combine aesthetic appeal and functional efficiency – here we explore 11 must-try widgets which could change how you interact with your iPhone today.

11 Fresh Widgets for iOS 17

I’ve Discovered 11 Fresh Widgets for iOS 17 That Are a Must-Try

1. Today’s Highlights

Each day, “Today’s Highlights” provides you with personalized content tailored specifically to you based on calendar events, weather updates, top news stories and personalized app suggestions based on usage patterns – providing a dynamic dashboard right on your home screen!

2. Health & Fitness

Dashboard This widget gives a holistic view of health and fitness; showing steps taken, heart rate measurements and quick links to favorite workout apps or guided routines.

3. Photo Memories

The Photo Memories widget adds a nostalgic flair to your home screen by showcasing random photos from your gallery allowing you to reminisce on precious memories with just a glance. Tapping an individual image takes you directly to its full album page.

4. Music Discovery

Are You an Avid Music Listener? The Music Discovery widget could be just what’s needed! Based on your listening habits and playlist preferences, this widget recommends new tracks and playlists suited to you, while offering quick play options to quickly play back favorites or playlists that have recently come through your radar screen.

5. Smart Home

Control Widget For those living with smart home devices, this widget offers convenient control. From here you can switch lights on or off, adjust thermostat temperatures or check security camera feeds all from within your own screen!

11 Fresh Widgets for iOS 17

6. Quick Notes

Our “Quick Notes” widget makes taking quick, important notes easier than ever so that they never slip your mind, no matter how busy or chaotic life becomes. Never again will an important note get overlooked during an otherwise chaotic day!

7. Upcoming Travel

This widget is an indispensable travel resource, offering real-time updates about upcoming flights, hotel reservations and local weather at your destination – it’s like having your very own personal travel assistant right there with you!

8. Battery Insights

Keep track of your iPhone battery health and usage patterns using “Battery Insights.” It offers tips to extend battery life as well as estimated life span estimates based on current use patterns.

9. News Headlines

Stay current with breaking news and headlines with ease using this widget from Newsheadlines, keeping up-to-date without needing a separate news app.

11 Fresh Widgets for iOS 17

10. Task Manager

For productivity enthusiasts, the “Task Manager” widget can be an indispensable asset. It gives an instantaneous snapshot of upcoming tasks and to-do lists so you remain organized with your schedule.

11. Weather

at a Glance Our “Weather at a Glance” widget gives a quick snapshot of current and predicted conditions in your location – ideal for planning ahead and dressing appropriately to weather changes! It can help make everyday activities simpler!

Create the Perfect Home Screen
iOS 17’s widgets make personalization simple: mix and match these items to design a home screen that suits both your needs and interests, as well as adjust sizes or organize them visually appealing, yet functional layout.


With iOS 17 Apple continues to enhance the iPhone user experience and these innovative widgets are proof. No matter your goal – be it productivity, health & fitness tracking, staying informed or just enjoying digital memories – these widgets give you many ways to customize your home screen and streamline daily activities.

If you haven’t explored iOS 17 widgets yet, now is the time to do so and discover their wide array of dynamic, informative, and customizable additions that can revolutionize the way you interact with your phone. Test these 11 must-try widgets out for yourself to experience how powerful and personalized these tools become for daily life!

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